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2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner regen with mandoc-1.12.2default tip
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner regen with mandoc-1.12.2.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Use mandoc for man page handling.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Remove generated files in distclean.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner ignore more files.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Add ignore file, based on libzip's.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Close HEAD, use default.HEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner remove generated files.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Update to latest version.HEAD
2010-09-26 Thomas Klausner Look for libpng instead of libpng12.HEAD
2010-01-04 Thomas Klausner Add missing closing curly brace. Found by cppcheck.HEAD
2007-05-19 Thomas Klausner Discard sync-on-sound.HEAD
2007-05-16 Dieter Baron Update bug reporting email address.HEAD
2006-07-09 Thomas Klausner + . fix build with ffmpeg-0.4.9pre1 (av_write_frame signature change)HEAD
2006-07-09 Thomas Klausner update (automake-1.9.6, autoconf-2.60)HEAD
2005-07-29 Thomas Klausner Fix more html man page paths.HEAD
2005-07-19 Thomas Klausner Add targets for man and html conversion. Simplify neopoprc(5) handling.HEAD
2005-07-19 Thomas Klausner regen.HEAD
2005-04-27 Thomas Klausner proper m4 quotingHEAD
2004-08-26 Dieter Baron re-add one that changed meaning in the last commitHEAD
2004-08-26 Thomas Klausner Add some.HEAD
2004-08-12 Dieter Baron add oneHEAD
2004-08-09 Thomas Klausner DO_AUDIO not optional any longer.HEAD
2004-08-09 Thomas Klausner Make compile without ffmpeg.HEAD
2004-08-08 Dieter Baron add support for video captureHEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Mention compiler warning fixes in various files.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner * System_SDL/unzip.c: remove unused variable, and add bracesHEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Add appropriate ifdefs around variables whose code has beenHEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Add newline at EOF.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner * Core/neopop.c (instruction_error): add appropriate ifdef aroundHEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Remove unused variable.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Fix a const warning.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Add layout.png, from dillo.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner * Use pkgconfig to find libpng.HEAD
2004-08-07 Dieter Baron write chunk data into buffer and write to file with write_chunk.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Update for Documentation/ dir.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Moved to Documentation/ directory.HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Move documentation to Documentation/ directory.HEAD
2004-08-07 Dieter Baron draft of new snapshot and event history recording file format specificationHEAD
2004-08-07 Dieter Baron add one (Z80_regs cleanup in REGS), sortHEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner Bump to 0.2a after 0.2 release (a bit belatedly)HEAD
2004-08-07 Thomas Klausner +. add emulator options chunk (language, colour +?)HEAD
2004-08-07 Dieter Baron implement new save state format, in preparation of supporting eventHEAD
2004-08-07 Dieter Baron (validate_dir): remove debugging printfHEAD
2004-08-06 Thomas Klausner Add frame_count variable.HEAD
2004-08-06 Thomas Klausner Export another function, flash_prepare, for use by new save states.HEAD
2004-08-06 Thomas Klausner Support file for chunked save states.HEAD
2004-07-26 Thomas Klausner Improvements from the freshmeat editors.HEAD
2004-07-26 Thomas Klausner Improve wording about zip support.HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner regen (No AUTHORS -- are in NeoPop-SDL(6).)HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner No AUTHORS -- are in NeoPop-SDL(6).HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner regen (add Pa)HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner Add .Pa.HEAD
2004-07-25 Dieter Baron don't mention .man regensHEAD
2004-07-25 Dieter Baron add directory to all files (noted by wiz)HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner document section number fix.HEAD
2004-07-25 Dieter Baron regenHEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner regen (NeoPop-SDL(6), not (1)).HEAD
2004-07-25 Dieter Baron set use_yuv_now to 0 if YUV is unusable.HEAD
2004-07-25 Thomas Klausner NeoPop-SDL(6), not (1).HEAD