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2015-05-25 Dieter Baron Update.default tip
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner regen (using mandoc-1.12.2)
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Use An/Aq/Mt
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner remove generated files
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner modernize
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner update
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner close HEAD, use defaultHEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner use mandocHEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner ignore someHEAD
2013-01-05 Thomas Klausner Rename to per upstream advice.HEAD
2010-09-26 Thomas Klausner mergeHEAD
2010-09-26 Thomas Klausner Add more casts, for icc. Add missing closing parenthesis in error.HEAD
2008-08-17 Dieter Baron Bring in line with conventions expected by web page generator.HEAD
2008-03-14 Thomas Klausner Track number in ID3v1 tags is unsigned, display it as such.HEAD
2007-12-30 Thomas Klausner Add some ID3v2-2.4.0 docs.HEAD
2007-08-19 Thomas Klausner Fix pasto in error message.HEAD
2007-08-13 Dieter Baron Avoid memory leak in error cases.HEAD
2007-08-13 Dieter Baron Add support for unsynchronisation in ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4.HEAD
2007-08-13 Dieter Baron Add specification for ID3v2.2.0.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner change error message, requested by dillo.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner Handle a few more corner cases.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner Avoid memmove and memchr, just loop manually.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner Free tagdata after use, found by dillo.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner Unsynchronise support.HEAD
2007-08-13 Thomas Klausner 2.4 support was added some time ago.HEAD
2005-12-22 Dieter Baron note new featuresHEAD
2005-12-22 Dieter Baron - add support for ID3v2.4HEAD
2005-07-29 Thomas Klausner Improve sed expression for html path fixing.HEAD
2005-07-18 Thomas Klausner Add targets to create man and html pages.HEAD
2005-07-18 Thomas Klausner generate from malint.mdoc.HEAD
2005-07-18 Thomas Klausner Rename malint.1 to malint.mdoc.HEAD
2005-06-30 Thomas Klausner Add one.HEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron bump versionHEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron sync with realityHEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron updateHEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron remove fixed item from BUGS sectionHEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron remove unused variableHEAD
2004-11-06 Dieter Baron fix auto-creation of malint executableHEAD
2004-10-31 Dieter Baron check: add dependency on malintHEAD
2004-10-25 Dieter Baron increase max. buffer size to 1mbHEAD
2004-09-24 Dieter Baron don't warn about gaps in bitreservoir by defaultHEAD
2003-12-02 Thomas Klausner Update to/for autoconf-2.57/automake-1.7.6.HEAD
2002-08-01 Dieter Baron +1HEAD
2002-04-20 Dieter Baron make test work with srcdir != .HEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron add layer 3 crc testHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron reduce number of function callsHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron fix id3v2 refactoringHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron +1HEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron fix frame-long test (file name), add frame-short test.HEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron add frame-long test, add .log files to EXTRA_DISTHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron factor out ID3v2 length check to own functionHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron two more testsHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron allow for input to be created by commandHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron add regression test frame work, and one testHEAD
2002-04-19 Dieter Baron slight restructuring, better handling of short ID3v1 tags.HEAD
2002-04-18 Dieter Baron +1HEAD
2002-04-17 Thomas Klausner manlintHEAD
2002-01-08 Dieter Baron fix warnings (remove unused variables, sort and add prototypes,HEAD
2002-01-08 Dieter Baron (vbr_parse) add type to definitionHEAD
2002-01-08 Dieter Baron (parse_tag_v2) use unsigned char, so GET_LONG worksHEAD