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2015-05-25 Dieter Baron Update.default tip
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner + giflib-5 breakage
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner more
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner Use mandoc for ps output as well. Clean up after ourselves.
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner add ignore file
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner close HEAD, use defaultHEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner remove generated filesHEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner regen (using mandoc-1.12.2)HEAD
2013-10-05 Thomas Klausner use mandocHEAD
2013-07-28 Thomas Klausner Use Mt for emails.HEAD
2013-01-05 Thomas Klausner Rename to per upstream advice.HEAD
2012-05-04 Dieter Baron Free outfile later, still used in error case.HEAD
2010-06-19 Thomas Klausner merge.HEAD
2010-06-19 Thomas Klausner Fix build with png-1.4.x (function was deprecated since 1.0.18/1.2.9).HEAD
2009-07-23 Dieter Baron Fix compilation on Mac OS X.HEAD
2008-09-13 Dieter Baron Set execute bit.HEAD
2008-09-13 Dieter Baron Don't use echo -n, not all echo implementations support it.HEAD
2008-09-13 Dieter Baron Use proper C types.HEAD
2007-11-07 Dieter Baron Change license to BSD for consistency.HEAD
2007-11-07 Dieter Baron Switch to new contact address, remove name from license text, update copyright.HEAD
2006-07-25 Dieter Baron Add -n to usage.HEAD
2006-07-25 Dieter Baron Add 'n' to OPTIONS, fixes -n.HEAD
2005-11-03 Dieter Baron Fix unitialized variable use, found by David Binderman.HEAD
2005-08-26 Dieter Baron add prioritiesHEAD
2005-08-26 Dieter Baron add twoHEAD
2005-08-26 Dieter Baron use sybolic constantHEAD
2005-07-30 Dieter Baron Note support for XBM.HEAD
2005-07-29 Thomas Klausner Improve sed expression for html path fixing.HEAD
2005-07-24 Dieter Baron allow underscore in image nameHEAD
2005-07-24 Dieter Baron Add support for compression flags.HEAD
2005-07-24 Dieter Baron refactor st_ccitt in preparation for group 3 2-D and group 4 supportHEAD
2005-07-23 Thomas Klausner regen.HEAD
2005-07-23 Dieter Baron forgot to addHEAD
2005-07-23 Dieter Baron add support for XBM image format and CCITT Fax Group 3 1-D compressionHEAD
2005-07-23 Dieter Baron regenHEAD
2005-07-23 Dieter Baron whitespace fixHEAD
2005-07-23 Dieter Baron fix pastoHEAD
2005-07-21 Thomas Klausner When comparing pre- to post-conversion man page, take old one as first argument.HEAD
2005-07-19 Dieter Baron Use .An -nosplit. Use .Pq.HEAD
2005-07-19 Dieter Baron grammar fixHEAD
2005-07-18 Thomas Klausner Add target to generate html man page.HEAD
2005-07-15 Thomas Klausner THANKS is distributed automatically, no need to add it to EXTRA_DIST.HEAD
2005-07-15 Thomas Klausner Add missing .EF.HEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron regenHEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron bump date for previousHEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron distribute THANKSHEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron note Arvin Schnell (man page fixes)HEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron regenHEAD
2005-07-15 Dieter Baron fix typos, noted by Arvin SchnellHEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron add / at end of urlHEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron update for releaseHEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron bump version to 0.2.HEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron all show stoppers doneHEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron (_calculate_bbox): explicitly convert double to int for consistencyHEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron fix int vs. enum type mismatch (noted by IRIX cc)HEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron (xyzprintf): declare/use long_long_flag only if we have long long.HEAD
2005-07-14 Dieter Baron forgot to add thisHEAD
2005-07-07 Dieter Baron updateHEAD
2005-07-07 Dieter Baron bump version to 0.1aHEAD
2005-07-07 Dieter Baron regenHEAD