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2013-01-25 Thomas Klausner Add one.HEAD tip
2013-01-05 Thomas Klausner Rename to per upstream advice.HEAD
2009-03-30 Thomas Klausner Add another segfault: when sorting empty dirs by date.HEAD
2009-01-09 Thomas Klausner merge.HEAD
2009-01-09 Thomas Klausner add a segfault.HEAD
2008-04-13 Dieter Baron Fix local buffer overflow, reported by starcadi on Full-Disclosure.HEAD
2007-07-04 Dieter Baron Switch from GPL to BSD license.HEAD
2007-06-14 Dieter Baron Merge, thouhg I don't get why it's needed after a hg pull -u.HEAD
2007-06-14 Dieter Baron Include sys/types.h for off_t definition.HEAD
2007-05-19 Thomas Klausner Discard with-swig branch.HEAD
2007-05-16 Dieter Baron Update bug reporting email address.HEAD
2007-01-28 Thomas Klausner Add entry for double-cwd problem.HEAD
2006-07-27 Thomas Klausner Update used autoconf macros a bit.HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Remove unused variable found by IRIX cc.HEAD
2005-06-03 Dieter Baron remove _DEPENDENCIES definition that match automake's defaultHEAD
2005-06-03 Dieter Baron revert previous: it is needed for at least strdupHEAD
2005-06-03 Dieter Baron only include unistd.h if it existsHEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Set MAKEINFOFLAGS instead of MAKEINFO, so that missing makeinfo isHEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner mkbind does not need any libraries.HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Simplify sftp_close().HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Initialize variable, noted by IRIX cc.HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Remove effectively unused variable, noted by IRIX cc.HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Add cast, to please IRIX cc.HEAD
2005-06-03 Thomas Klausner Remove effectively unused variable, noted by IRIX cc.HEAD
2005-06-03 Dieter Baron Only link against -lsocket, -lnsl, and -lresolv if necessary.HEAD
2005-06-03 Dieter Baron Include <unistd.h> for off_t definition.HEAD
2005-03-07 Dieter Baron fix underquoted definition warningHEAD
2004-08-03 Dieter Baron add two noted by wizHEAD
2004-07-18 Dieter Baron add one (requested by wiz)HEAD
2004-03-08 Dieter Baron use off_t to store file size.HEAD
2004-03-03 Dieter Baron add one (found by wiz)HEAD
2003-12-30 Dieter Baron uninitialized sizep in sftp retrieveHEAD
2003-12-30 Dieter Baron (sftp_retr): only use startp if > 0. Initialize sizep.HEAD
2003-12-30 Dieter Baron (rftp_retr): consistent style when checking for non-NULL.HEAD
2003-12-21 Dieter Baron bump SFTP_DATA_LEN to 8192.HEAD
2003-12-19 Dieter Baron (rftp_fclose) correct logic in checking response.HEAD
2003-12-19 Dieter Baron (fn_gettags) check whether tag is in current directory withoutHEAD
2003-12-13 Dieter Baron add one by popular demandHEAD
2003-12-05 Dieter Baron note new option -iHEAD
2003-12-05 Dieter Baron fix usage and changelog entryHEAD
2003-12-05 Dieter Baron (main): new option to downloadHEAD
2003-12-04 Dieter Baron (status_do) don't overwrite percentage in tag mode.HEAD
2003-09-23 Thomas Klausner Add stdlib.h for exit-prototype.HEAD
2003-07-12 Thomas Klausner Fix typo.HEAD
2003-07-12 Dieter Baron updateHEAD
2003-07-12 Dieter Baron (sftp_close, _sftp_close): move part shared with signal handler to own function.HEAD
2003-05-19 Dieter Baron updateHEAD
2003-05-19 Dieter Baron (disp_restat): don't truncate string if it is short enough.HEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron update to automake 1.7HEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron update to autoconf 2.50 and automke 2.7.HEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron needed for automake 1.7HEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron update to autoconf 2.50, check for snprintfHEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron add vasprintf replacementHEAD
2003-05-16 Dieter Baron (disp_status, disp_restat): avoid fixed-size buffer.HEAD
2003-05-13 Dieter Baron (_ftp_update_transfer): add missing argument to disp_status call.HEAD
2003-05-13 Dieter Baron (ftp_reconnect): _ftp_port and _ftp_user may well be NULL.HEAD
2003-05-13 Dieter Baron * util.c (noalloc_basename): move basename replacement functionHEAD
2003-04-16 Dieter Baron (main): fix typo resulting in undersized buffer.HEAD
2003-04-08 Dieter Baron (list_desel, list_sel): bounds check line to be (de)selected. ThisHEAD
2003-01-29 Dieter Baron (_ftp_update_transfer): don't estimate time of completion if sizeHEAD